Kerrin Booth Naturopath


Kerrin Booth graduated from Nature Care College in 1992 with diplomas of Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homoeopathy.  Kerrin sees a variety of people with a wide range of health problems in her general practice.  She uses a combination of nutrition (diet and supplements), herbal medicine, flower essences and homoeopathy to treat the causes of their ill-health and to bring them back to optimum wellbeing.

In your initial consultation Kerrin will get an idea of your health problems, look at any previous test results you have and talk about your diet.  She will try to determine what imbalances are causing your health problems and will send you for further tests if necessary.  These might include a food sensitivity test, live blood analysis, stool test, salivary hormone test or more detailed blood tests.

You will go away from your initial consultation with changes to your diet, some supplements to take and some herbal medicine.  Follow up consultations are usually monthly, or fortnightly in the case of acute illnesses such as infections.