Preconception Care

One of the most important times in a child’s life is before they are conceived!  A healthy egg from Mum and a healthy sperm from Dad make a healthy child and now we know much more about epigenetics we know it is possible to prevent certain inherited tendencies simply by providing the right nutrients from the start.  This is so important to your child especially as they reach older age way ahead in the future.

I recommend for both Mum and Dad a really good healthy diet, preferably with organic food.  This is creating good food habits, which will become important to your child’s health as they model their eating patterns on yours.

I also suggest both Mum and Dad take some good quality supplements – definitely a good multi vitamin and some fish oil, as well as probiotics.

It is essential to avoid caffeine, alcohol and recreational drugs during this preconception time, which is at least 3 months before you start “trying” for a baby.




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