GORD – Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disorder

As with many health problems, GORD is not a simple problem with an easy solution. The medications for acid reflux have a poor track record, and in many cases they don’t work at all. What people don’t realize is that acid reflux is often a sign of poor digestion – as Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut”. Most conventional treatments focus on symptomatic relief, which of course is a band-aid approach and overlooks the underlying causes.

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Wired but Tired?  How to keep your brain alert but calm!

Having been a consultant Naturopath for 28 years now, I find that one of the most common underlying complaints I see in clients – ranging from those in the corporate world to those coping with being a busy parent – is the feeling of having too much to cope with.  The end result is that they feel exhausted but also irritable and on edge.  The beauty of nutrition and herbal medicine is that we can help with that – though it always takes some lifestyle and dietary changes to get the balance right. Continue reading

Gilbert’s Syndrome

Do you have a consistently high bilirubin level over 20 in your blood test results?  Then you may have Gilbert’s Syndrome.  10-15% of Caucasians have this condition, though much of the time it goes undiagnosed.  This is a genetic condition where part of the phase II detoxification pathways in the liver are not functioning properly to break down Continue reading

Reducing your risk of Breast Cancer

There are many ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer.  We now know that various risk factors for all types of cancer are avoidable, especially the dietary and lifestyle ones.  Here is a check list for you, especially if you have a family history of cancer.

  • Probiotics are so important to many aspects of health and a good balance of gut bacteria can help to prevent many diseases.  For the most accurate assessment of your gut flora, to detect both good and bad bacteria, parasites, pH balance etc., I recommend a stool analysis.  Ask me about it during your next consultation.  Continue reading

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

There are many risk factors for breast cancer and many of these we can change through diet and lifestyle.  In this blog I’m going to outline those risk factors, and for further information, see my next blog “Reducing your risk of breast cancer”.  Many of these are risk factors for other cancers as well.

  • Alcohol use.  Alcohol is a carcinogen that is metabolised into to other carcinogens.  So alcohol used puts you at a higher risk for all cancers.  The more you drink, the higher your risk. Continue reading

9 Tips to balance blood sugar levels and reduce risk of diabetes

1. Don’t mess with your blood sugar levels from the start of the day!  Avoid sugary breakfast cereals – go for wholegrain and protein-rich breakfasts and avoid refined sugar and junk-food cereals.

2. Include protein in all your meals.  This helps to keep you satisfied and your blood sugar levels stable.  The size and thickness of the palm of your hand is all you need. Continue reading

Baby Led Weaning

As a Naturopath I wanted to do pregnancy, birthing and child raising as naturally as I could, so I did a lot of research, helped greatly by some fabulous books my homebirth midwife leant me.

I have always been passionate about breastfeeding and joined the Australian Breastfeeding Association when I was pregnant to learn as much as I could, and I also went to their conferences for more in-depth information.  Continue reading