9 Tips to balance blood sugar levels and reduce risk of diabetes

1. Don’t mess with your blood sugar levels from the start of the day!  Avoid sugary breakfast cereals – go for wholegrain and protein-rich breakfasts and avoid refined sugar and junk-food cereals.

2. Include protein in all your meals.  This helps to keep you satisfied and your blood sugar levels stable.  The size and thickness of the palm of your hand is all you need. Continue reading


Stress – If you can’t avoid it what can you do?

Lavender, stress, nervous system, herb
Lavender, one of many herbs used to calm the nervous system.

Many people find themselves in a stressful situation they can’t avoid.  This may be causing them distress and wide range of health problems – poor sleep, low energy, digestive problems, skin problems, headaches, migraines, poor immune health, sugar cravings, Continue reading