9 Tips to balance blood sugar levels and reduce risk of diabetes

1. Don’t mess with your blood sugar levels from the start of the day!  Avoid sugary breakfast cereals – go for wholegrain and protein-rich breakfasts and avoid refined sugar and junk-food cereals.

2. Include protein in all your meals.  This helps to keep you satisfied and your blood sugar levels stable.  The size and thickness of the palm of your hand is all you need.

3. Make sure you eat lots of fibre in the form of wholegrains, vegetables and fruit.  Fibre helps to slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream from the gut.  White refined flour and rice act as simple carbohydrates and give a quick rise in blood sugar levels, followed by a drop.

4. Make sure you eat three meals a day containing protein and fibre.

5. Have snacks between meals if you feel tired, irritable or headachey without them.  Make sure they are protein-rich snacks though – no chocolate or biscuits!

6. Fill your house or workplace with healthy snacks only, so you can’t reach for the sugar.

7. Drink plenty of water – 2L per day.  Avoid all sugary drinks including soft (fizzy) drinks and fruit juices.  If you must have a juice, make it freshly squeezed and vegetables only.

8. Get some exercise to help reduce insulin resistance and risk of diabetes.

9. Try to reduce your stress levels!  Adrenal fatigue from long term stress can also lead to blood sugar imbalances.

ice cream, balance blood sugar, sugary treat
A sugary treat!

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