Thrush and Candida

Are you suffering from frequent bouts of thrush?  Then you are definitely in need of systemic treatment for Candida.  Other signs and symptoms of Candida are digestive wind and bloating, frequent urinary tract infections, foggy headedness, skin problems including eczema, acne and psoriasis and chronic tiredness.  Of course some of these symptoms can have other causes, and sometimes even and few contributing causes, but if you are taking medication such as the oral contraceptive pill, frequent pain killers or antibiotics, these can disrupt your good bacteria and allow the fungal candida infection to take over.

So what do we do about this?  We starve the Candida by taking sugar and yeast out of the diet.  We kill the Candida using antifungal herbs.   We replace the Candida with probiotic yeast and probiotic bacteria.

There are many things you can to topically for thrush, including using natural yoghurt on the area.  However the most important thing is to use a pH balanced soap and to get as much air to the area as possible – wear skirts and no undies while at home if possible!

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