Eczema in Children

Having a child with eczema can be an exhausting battle for some parents, and of course awful for the child.  But there are many things you can do naturally to help and I think it is very important to find and treat the cause of the problem rather than suppressing it with creams.  From a naturopathic perspective if the cause is not treated and the complaint is merely suppressed, further health problems will result due to this initial untreated imbalance.

I always start eczema treatment with an omega 3 fish oil supplement, often combined with cod liver oil, as eczema can simply be due to a deficiency of essential fatty acids, and many kids don’t eat enough fish.  Zinc can also help to heal the skin and is highly indicated if the child has a poor immune system and is catching frequent infections.

Food sensitivities and allergies play a big part in eczema and I will often send them for a food sensitivity test.  This is a pin prick blood test and does not need to be done fasting, so is fairly straight forward for children.

Then there is herbal medicine.  There are many beautiful herbs we use for eczema, mainly the blood purifying, or alterative, herbs.  I tailor make herbal medicine blends to the child and their presenting problem.  Homoeopathic remedies and flower essences also work well with children, especially if the condition is stress related.

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