Improving your Child’s Immune Health with Diet

Your own and your child’s diet are fundamental to health.  What you eat effects you immediately – it effects your genes, your immune system, your digestive system, your concentration and your general health.  Sugar is one aspect of your child’s diet that reduces the functioning of the immune system and can also cause behavioural issues and poor concentration.  So what can you feed your child to reduce their overall sugar intake and increase their intake of nutrtitious foods?

Breakfast can include savoury foods including eggs – boiled with toast, scrambled or made into a simple omelette with tomato, mushroom, parsley, a bit of cheese.  Baked beans or sardines on toast.  Corn cakes with goats cheese or ricotta cheese.  Toast with avocado and hommus, or pumpkin seed or nut spread.

Keep snacks savoury, including vegetable sticks with hommus or baba ganuj, corn cakes, rice cakes or bread/toast with avocado or pumpkin seed spread.  Piece of chicken, tin of tuna.  Corn chips and guacamole.  Roasted chick peas or fava beans.  Vegetable chips.

Lunch and dinner – Meat/chicken/fish/beans or lentils and salad/vegetables.  Wholegrain bread, ryvitas, brown rice, wholemeal pasta.  Don’t get into the habit of having dessert every night.  Save it for a special occasion.  If they need something extra blueberries and yoghurt is a good option.

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